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Domed cube 100ml atomizer with bulb & presentation box

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Introducing our Domed Cube 100ml Perfume Atomizer  – the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their daily routine. Made from high-quality, thick cut glass, this atomizer boasts a sturdy and robust construction that exudes both elegance and sophistication. The cube-shaped design, with its rounded corners, adds a modern and contemporary feel to the overall aesthetic of the bottle.

Equipped with a bulb pump spray top, this atomizer allows for a generous application of your favorite fragrance without any wastage. With an impressive capacity of 100ml, it is an excellent choice for those who like to have plenty of their signature scent on hand. Measuring at 9cm in height and 6.4cm in diameter at its widest point, this atomizer is the perfect size for traveling or storing in a makeup bag.

Also available in a smaller 50ml size.

Various colour atomizer pumps are available.
Dimensions :

Atomizer Capacity : 100ml
Items Total Height : 9cm
Item Diameter at widest point : 6.4 cm