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Classic clear glass 100ml dressing table Perfume Atomizer

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Introducing our Classic Clear Glass 100ml Dressing Table Perfume Atomizer, a must-have accessory for all fragrance enthusiasts. Crafted with utmost precision, this atomizer exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.

Featuring a beautiful clear glass body, this atomizer showcases your favorite perfume in all its glory. The black tassel spray top adds a touch of refinement, guaranteeing a luxurious spritz every time you use it. With a gold attachment, this atomizer effortlessly complements any dressing table, lending an air of glamour to your beauty space.

To make refilling an effortless task, our atomizer comes complete with a gold metal filling funnel. This ensures minimal spillage and precise filling, saving both time and precious perfume. And the best part? This stunning atomizer is perfectly packaged, arriving essentially boxed and ready to give as a thoughtful gift or to pamper yourself.

The dimensions of the atomizer are as follows: It boasts a generous capacity of 100ml, allowing you to carry your signature scent wherever you go. The total height of this item measures 11.5 cm, while the diameter stands at 5.3 cm. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel, yet substantial enough to make a statement on any vanity.

Indulge yourself or treat someone special with this Classic Clear Glass 100ml Dressing Table Perfume Atomizer. Elevate your fragrance experience and add a touch of opulence to your daily routine. Experience the art of perfuming in style. Order yours today!

Here we have a classic clear glass atomizer with black tassel spray top.
The attachment is gold.
Comes with Gold metal filling funnel and comes essentially boxed!

Dimensions :

Atomizer Capacity : 100ml
Items Total Height : 11.5 cm
Item Diameter : 5.3 cm