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Grande hand cut bohemia Crystal Dressing Table Atomizer with Silver fitting

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Introducing our elegant Grande hand cut Bohemia Crystal Dressing Table Atomizer with a stunning Silver fitting. This atomizer exudes a timeless appeal, made from exceptional quality hand cut Bohemia crystal. The intricate details of the cut are sure to catch the eye of anyone in the room. The atomizer also features a beautiful silver fitting and a chic black tassel for added sophistication. The set comes complete with a silver metal filling funnel for easy use and its very own material lined box, providing effortless storage and making it a perfect gift option. Hand cut and made in the Czech Republic, this exquisite piece is an embodiment of Bohemian craftsmanship. With an impressive atomizer capacity of 150 ml and a total height of 12 cm, it’s perfect to store your favourite perfumes, colognes or mists. Its diameter at the widest point is 9 cm, making it a convenient addition to any dressing table. Upgrade the look of your vanity with this opulent Grande Bohemia Crystal Dressing Table Atomizer.

Amazing high quality hand cut Bohemia crystal atomizer. The finished cut on this piece is very high quality.
The attachment is silver and the tassel is black.
Comes with Silver metal filling funnel and comes in a nice material lined box as seen in the picture.
Hand cut & made in Czech Republic - Made from Bohemia crystal

Dimensions :
Atomizer Capacity : 150 ml
Items Total Height : 12 cm
Item Diameter at widest points : 9 cm